Pakistan Fashion Week

Be Classy In the World Of Trends with Pakistan Fashion Week

Pakistan fashion week always carries enthusiasm and fun. The event represents traditional and western fashion styles. The show is mainly comprised of unique and beautiful traditional and royal inspirations for wedding and party dresses.

During the Covid-19 emergency, Pakistani fashion designers have proved their skills in every niche. Despite all the indifference and disappointments, Pakistan Fashion Show managed to bring joy to the country.

Every season the designers present exquisite designs and ideas that show their expertise and skills. All the designs are worthy of appreciation. The efforts of our skilled designers have taken the event to the next level. The designs and designers are both appreciated worldwide for showcasing the amazing masterpieces.

The event that has won everyone’s hearts is famous at international levels.


Pakistan fashion show is a comprehensive platform for a fashionable lifestyle


Pakistan fashion design council started the journey to establish the fashion industry across Pakistan. The event is quite helpful because it provides a platform for exhibiting unbeatable designing skills.

Many viewers across Pakistan seek it for the latest updates on fashion and get inspiration. Pakistani designers are famous worldwide for their distinct sense of colour combination and fabric choices.




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Deepak Perwani

He is one of the most popular fashion designers in Pakistan who have equally worked for women’s and men’s clothing. The artist has presented and created outfits with different themes and designs from the royal era.

He includes bridal couture like no other in the country. His choice of artwork and true artistry has evolved the fashion sense among people across the country.

For men, he has brought various innovations in Pakistani kurta shalwar, sherwani, and suits. His ideas of making combinations and complementing dresses were almost liked by everyone.

Deepak has transformed signature Pakistani outfits by innovating transformations in cuts and stitching styles. All over Pakistan, people appreciate both men and women admire his collection of dresses.

Maheen khan

Being among the pioneer designers in Pakistan, Maheen khan has always amazed everyone. She is presenting Pakistani traditional and western outfits with beautiful designs and styles.

She has been working in the fashion industry for almost forty years and had contributed considerable time and service to the industry. Her designs speak of versatility and distinction. She is currently famous for designing Kate Middleton’s dress on her visit to Pakistan. She is no doubt the pride of Pakistan for her services to the fashion industry.

Hassan Shaheryar Yasin

The skillfully intelligent designer has the expertise for all the Pakistani traditional, casual, and bridal outfits. He has his style of designing couture and party dresses. the artist with international recognition has launched his bridal and formal couture house in 2000. HSY is a famous name in the South Asian fashion industry. His fashion outlets also run women’s formal and luxury pret. With his expertise in women’s fashionable dresses, he has HSY has become a leading name in Pakistan.

Maria B

It is one of the names that have brought fashion to every street in the city. With her name famous in the fashion shows the designer also runs many successful outlets under her name. She has made vigorous success in the last years for her exclusive lawn designs. She has given a new dimension to style differently with everyday clothing. With her exquisite lawn dresses, she has also launched different genres of outfits for kids, girls, women, and brides. The artist has an exceptional skill to make cotton, linen, and casual dresses unbelievably beautiful.

Bunto Kazmi

The bridal wears in Pakistan have a lot of inspirations from the Mughal era. Because coutures, gharara and Lehenga-choli are still marked as wedding dresses; therefore, their designs and artwork remind us of the luxurious traditions of history. Bunto Kazmi has got worldwide recognition for her creations. She is the one who knows to use contrasting colours. Her dresses, though have heavy embroidery and artwork still they are easy to carry for the brides.

Bottom Line:

Pakistan’s fashion industry is full of many talented artists and artwork. Their contribution to the industry has made Pakistan proud at the international level. However, the best thing about the Pakistan fashion industry is not only making worldwide progress; it has added fashion to every people’s lifestyle.