Fashion Galaxy Of Pakistan Fashion Week

If one wants to see a huge whole collection of styles and fashion then Pakistan Fashion Week is the right place. The difference between this event and others is its diversity and wholeness of styling inspirations.

Pakistani styles and fashion has been immersed in multiple cultures and customs. It can easily blend the east and the west in itself. Many of the fashion transformations in Pakistan are the results of the tireless efforts of Pakistani designers.

The fashion industry of Pakistan has spread its wings completely and let all forms of fashion rest under. From pure Pakistani kameez-shalwar to classical inspiration from far and wide one can see a complete range of styles at Pakistan fashion week.

Here in this blog, we’ll discuss how fashion alterations and innovations can bring exquisite transformations to your everyday outfits.

Pakistani Kameez-shalwar

The attire that has more traditions and emotions attached to its creation is simply amazing. The units of the outfits have the privilege to blend most numbers of styles and ideas. Diversity from fabric to design and artwork with threads and beads makes them the perfect choice for every occasion.

The top can be designed with embroidery and different artwork like zardozi, karchupi, dabka, and simple threadwork. Each style has its charm and occasion to be worn.

The bottom wear has a transformation from churidar, shalwar, slim pants, palazzos, and gharara with the same artwork as for the tops.

The Pakistani fashion industry has come beyond simple the simple designs of kameez-shalwar. And at every event many of the designers’ present breath-taking designs adding innovations to this national attire’s styles.




Miscellaneous Cultural Inspirations

Pret & Pants

Pakistan Fashion Week is an enormous platform to portray fashion from around the world. Many designers represent Indian, Afghani, French, and other classical fashion categories. After Pakistani fashion and styles, the Indian fashion transformations are liked by many.

The main essence of Indian design is its bright and intense colors with dazzling artwork. Many of the designer’s inspired work has churidar bottoms, with a short pret that has glittering embroidery and accessories.  The Indian styling attributes and our designers’ expertise makes the unique combination for celebration and convenience.

Wedding Outfits

No event in Pakistan is complete without dazzling embroidered outfit. One can easily find the combo worn by many women in celebrations and weddings. The style is lavishly famous and occupied among the bridal dress outfits. So, the designers at Pakistan Fashion Week present an unbelievably amazing range of such outfits. From Deepak Perwani to Sadaf Fawad Khan has launched an exquisite line of clothes for bridal dresses. The Lehenga style embroidered with zardozi work and expensive threads is the signature for wedding dresses for the bride and her maids.





Classical Fashion from the West

With a nice sense of fashion and arts from all around the world, Pakistan Fashion Week presents western fashion trends as well. Pakistan fashion industry and designers are not only expressive in traditional and cultural designs but they have created foreign fashion masterpieces as well.

Pakistani designers present their work with transformations in pants, blouses, trousers, and jackets. The unique ideas make each outfit impressive and exceptionally beautiful.


Kurta-shalwar for Men

Fashion is not bound for gender or age. It follows no boundary and no culture. This is why many Pakistani designers have a lot to design for men as well. The designs from a groom’s sherwani to jackets and coats all are present at Pakistan Fashion Week.

The designs are marvelously sewn and made into a combination of the partners. Mostly sherwani’s work is done with the same theme of zardozi and dabka that is a true royal inspiration. The runway full of wedding sherwani, churidar, waistcoats, embellished shawls, and Kulla gives hundreds of trendy ideas to the male fashion industry every year.

Pakistan fashion week is a collection of various fashion inspirations from the east and the west. It is quite a unique event that represents dresses with unbelievable cultural transformations with modish looks. This theme of the event has been recognized across the globe and now the show is making international appearances worldwide

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