Witness the Glamour at its Best with Pakistan Fashion Week 

As unique as its name Pakistan Fashion Week is all about the unique Fashion Industry of Pakistan. Being different from the culture and art, Pakistan Fashion Week not only represents traditional Pakistani outfits and ideas, but the show is equally ornamented with classic and western clothing styles.

The Successful Journey of Pakistan Fashion Week 

Over the last decade, the Pakistani fashion industry has continuously marked many achievements and put milestones like other established fashion industries worldwide. It is a complete appreciation for the pioneers who started the idea of promoting Pakistani artwork for encouraging trading possibilities of Pakistani fabric. The rest of the story is purely the efforts of fashion lovers who surprisingly existing in Pakistan too. The journey has proved that the spirit of Pakistani people for fashion is nonetheless from people across the globe.

Among other fashion week events that have made success in several years in the world, Pakistan Fashion Week was a hit from its debut. It never fails when Pakistani people showcase fashion and glamour. The limelight it got, since its starting in 2009, was a long-awaited vision for many talented souls. A huge squad of skillful designers represent their artwork and styles that has never been presented on international stage.

It is All the Matter of Arts and Style at Pakistan Fashion Week

Each year the legacy goes on, with embellished designer brands launching and marking their presence with uplifted glamour and designing sense in the industry. The designs and themes are the most awaited by the men and women in Pakistan. The event is not only crafting ideas for the wedding and celebrations but it has been bringing classic fashion styles to the common people.


Pakistan Fashion Week is Virtual Fashion Week in Pandemic

Hats off to the spirit of prolific fashion mentors in Pakistan! In the days of pandemic and emergencies, Pakistan fashion week has shown a wave of delight and happiness. The passion and creativity enabled the industry to hold the first virtual fashion show across the country. The talented models and artists have proved their skills through online catwalk and online makeup guidance.

The Patronage of PFDC to Fashion Industry and Designers

The theme of promoting Pakistani artwork and tradition was lit up by Pakistan Fashion Design Council and is kept up high by the many. Every event of PFW occurs annually in Karachi with many talented designers to launch beautiful dresses. The fashion show has recognized many names every year in the line of modern and trending clothing patterns and themes. Fahad Hussayn, Bunto Kazmi, Nomi Ansari, Sana Hashmani, and Safeena Muneer, Asim Jofa have all got their fame here.

Pakistan Fashion Week is for All

No one can’t change or bound fashion and styling sense.  Pakistan’s fashion industry is well-recognized on international horizons. The event is making international headlines with its shows across London, Doha, and UAE. The ultimate goal of PFDC to increase the trade of Pakistani fabric has almost reached its accomplishment by the global tour of the event.

 It is All Classy to be at Pakistan Fashion Week

When you get to the Pakistan Fashion show, you open the door to a whole new world of fashion classics. The ramp walk, the models, the colors, and themes all speak of the width and depth of Pakistani styling sense and creativity.

Whether it is bridal couture, men’s designer kurta-shalwar, or women’s luxury dresses, the Pakistan Fashion Week always fulfills each category’s demand with the latest trends and traditional ideas. Through the event, the Pakistani Fashion industry cultivates and brings up several exquisite and unique ideas every year.

Pakistan Fashion Week to be held in December 2020

Love, hope, and arts see no boundary. Is it possible to stop someone from being fashionable? The quest to look trendy is unstoppable. The council has decided to hold the pageantry in December 2020. The stage is going to be set in an open-air private venue and with observing SOPs.

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