Pakistan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2021


After a year-long dormancy of the fashion industry Pakistan Fashion Week made a very strong comeback with nature’s inspirations and themes. The whole show day 1 was scenic and having to show natural scenes and objects. The designers and artists have brought natures’ inspiring outfits that let you have an out-of-this-world experience.

Day 1 of the event starts with Sarwat Gilani’s short speech representing herself as Ambassador of Special Olympics in Pakistan. She was wearing a loose silhouette by Maheen Khan.

The spring/summer collections made everyone amazed and found to be worth watching after a great delay of fun fashion gatherings. Though the atmosphere was totally under SOP and has silence and discipline, the first showcase of the trendy outfits filled life and enthusiasm to the situation. The two days’ show completely pleased the viewers with outstanding styling and dressing ideas.


 UMSHA by Uzma Babar:

The exhibition started with the most intricated and soft color pallet-inspired outfits. Uzma Babar is a young and enthusiastic designer who created dresses with moonlight fabric. She arranged the sequence with white soft, sky blue, blush pink in Mughal Choli style. The artists represent many of her classy creations with multi-layered laces, long over gowns, frilled Victorian collars, crafted with dazzling dabka work in silver and white pallet colors.

The artist got everyone amazed with her collection and artwork.  The collection was inspired by nature’s fluency and freedom for one’s soul and the artist did full justice in depicting the theme.



The Lotus Pond (Kalah) – Mubashara Najam:


The artist with extraordinary designing skills launches the range of beautiful Lotus pond-inspired theme dresses. she also chooses soft colors and designs long-gowns, short frilled blouses sewn in the beads, and dazzling motifs. The work on the fabric was light striking shaped in different kinds of outfits. The artist presented her skills in different forms of sarees, blouses, frocks made in silk fabric that shows delicacy and glam hand in hand.

The confident models were in love wearing the trendy, classic collection that got appreciation as a whole for its drape and pastel tones.


Meerum by Diner’s

Pakistani Fashion Shows are equally equipped with the best trendy outfits for men. This season Diner’s brought the most versatile men outfits ranging from signature jeans and shirt colors to three- and four-piece dresses with masculine colors.

The models presented the waistcoat, with raw silk fabric and gold color embroidery. It was a complete show for every kind of occasional dress. The designer made the traditional sherwani with churidar trousers in his unique way of crafting. A waistcoat with an ajrak patch all over the half shows his sense of creativity. The Diner also showed rap-style jeans pants with chains and ripped patches paired well with glasses and snickers.

Sadaf Malatere’s – The Flow

Sadaf Malatere’s ‘The Flow’ has universal inspiration. She believed in the beauty of the universe and make outfits with floral details. She started her presentation with long frilled multi-layered skirts. The designer chose the light color fabric for the saree and other blouses.

The other part of her collection included the perfect combo of black and gold. The models were wearing off-shoulders tops, bell bottoms, and slim pants. The outfits looked truly tremendous and showed both of the smooth and enthusiastic sides of the universe.

The young modish designer also presented men’s wear with white satin shine shirts and black pants. She looks empathic to animals that she used her creations to spread the message for saving the culling of animals.

Her extreme sense of creativity and resonance to universal beauty was expressive through her work.


Alina & Farina

Both of these skilled designers work for women’s empowerment and create modish outfits. Her models were confident and flaunting for showing the strength and power of feminism. The outfits speak of boldness and delicacy side by side. She designed the masterpieces with long coats, long and short blouses, slim pants, gathered and frilled sleeves, and bell bottoms.

The young and throbbing theme gained applause from everyone in the exhibition. Her designs are the true impression of her creativity and virtuosity in the fashion world.