Pakistan Fashion Week- The Perfect Bridal Couture Inspirations


With more colors and fashion aesthetics Pakistan fashion week SS day two presented well-crafted bridal couture by multi-talented artists. The day was dedicated to the bridal dresses and jewelry.

It is no surprise that Pakistan has the most vibrant variety of wedding dresses. The way our designers craft these dresses has earned success worldwide. In their formal details, the Pakistani wedding dresses have blazing colors associated with celebrations and happiness. The artwork also has intricating options and patterns showing the different mix of culture and geographical customs into that.


Most often the Pakistani bridal dresses are seen with particular kind of fabrics that is silk, chiffon, satin and charmeuse, and other draped fabrics that also flaunt the shine and luxury in their looks. Though the wedding dress for the bride speaks beauty and a lot of admiration itself our designers bring more variety and charm with exclusive details and distinctive combinations.


Let’s take a look at what this year these designers have brought for us.


Sana Abbas’ Bridal Dresses

The collection with very traditional colors but very unconventional or contemporary designs was presented in complete styles and cuts what one can simply choose on her big day. She gave the exquisite artwork of Dabka to the dress made in the most common color combination of gold and maroon, red with gold and pink and purple. The sharara and lehenga were paired with the long shirts embroidered heavily.

Bridal accessories and pouches are one of her amazing creation that goes perfectly the right way with the dresses. in simpler words, the Sana Abbas collection is the complete package for every bride’s big day.

The show was stopped by the beautiful Kinza Hashmi wearing the gathered sharara with a long shirt. But this time the artist used the very soft and plain white silver pallet decorated heavily with the stonework that adds dazzles to the dress.


From Gogi Hassan Riaz Desert Rosset

What not to expect from Pakistan fashion Week. Gogi Hassan Riaz made a completely distinctive themed outfit tributing the desert flora. One after another each ramp model came up with amazing crafted dresses. The cuts were sharp and somewhat sharpy but having the rose printed all over. The idea exhibits the beauty of the rose.

The designer chose jackets and long palazzos trousers, coats, and tops having chiffon clothes attached as representing the delicate petals. The outfits were also seen with the complete green coat had frills. The designer is so creative and versatile to even design face masks with frills.

Some of the men-designed clothes were also worth seeing with rose print on the white jackets and pants. The approach was completely unbelievably amazing for men yet the designer produced justified designs for the gender.

Nadia Hussain was the show stopper with the same themed dress and the long covered floral skirt. The bold and confident look of all the models summed up the show complementing the challenging themed dresses.


The collection describes the statement of bold and beautiful. Where the others were presenting the stunning bridal ranges, Delphi has its dimensions of crafting and designing. Outfits were mainly had the grey gleaming fabric but the styles were a contemporary mix of the long sheath and traditional lehenga and short blouse. The designs are made with grey, fawn, and gold color pallet.

The show stopper dress was the grey sharara dress made in moonlight fabric with Kundan jewelry. The outfit represents the tilt of modern fashion trends towards soft and light colors for the wedding dress.



Bottom Line

Pakistani styles and design have been inundated in various societies and customs. It can undoubtedly mix the east and the west in itself. A large number of the style changes in Pakistan are the aftereffects of the resolute endeavors of Pakistani originators.

The occasion consistently exhibits the ideal lines of dresses made by numerous specialty planners. There are numerous motivations from various societies and networks. Numerous creators work on enriching the outfits with customary expressions and planning methods.

The style business of Pakistan has spread its wings totally and let all types of design rest under. From unadulterated Pakistani kameez-shalwar to traditional motivation from all over one can see a total scope of styles at Pakistan design week.