Pakistan Fashion Week

What Pakistani Fashion Brings to All

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Trendy beautiful outfits are the need of everyone. Not because of their wish to look different but it is said that the styling speaks of one’s personality. The way we dress up defines our culture, values, traditions, and versatility.

Modern outfits bring more charm and beauty to the personality. The human race is susceptible to change and beauty all the time. But it is a fact that living in the regions and geography of the planet makes us all different in carrying clothes and other customs.

These variations have led us to the need for fashion weeks to help ourselves to know what is the best way and how to dress up for the particular day. Many countries are successfully holding fashion weeks for seasons and years. These fashion shows are famous all over the country and many times all over the world for their unique and adaptable trends of styling.

 All About Pakistani Dresses

Pakistan fashion week story might be young for some but it has got such a long tradition and heritage for styling, designing, art, and the making of clothes. The reason for its diversity is the culture of Pakistan that emphasizes the need for trendy and decorated dresses for different occasions.

Though the different types of embroidery and artwork on clothes is a long tradition before the separation of India and the art runs through the blood of the aborigines of Pakistan. But now this work has seen international fame and exposure to the foreign world has given a dramatic rise to the fashion industry of Pakistan.

The fashion week we hold represents all the cultures and styles that can be found common yet trendiest all over the country. The culture of choosing clothes is pretty different from other civilizations across the planet.

Types of Fashionable Dresses in Pakistan

In Pakistan we see different categories of dressing up like:

Formal Wear

Pakistan is a country that faces various seasons like summer, autumn, winter, and spring that is why this category of wearables witnesses the most seasonal variations in clothes and even in stitching patterns for both men and women. The country has a lot of fabric variety for the season like cotton, lawn, linen, georgette, chiffon, and silk. The use of these fabric materials is completely dependent on the season and temperature of the regions. Pakistani women and men wear formal Kameez Shalwar at or at work with some difference for both the genders. Most of the population wear formal style clothes with very light to no decorative work on the dresses. But these have the large capacity to transformation through embroideries and other zardozi or artwork; that makes them be worn on occasions.

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Party Wear

The party wear in Pakistan has their unique combination of fabrics, colors, and artwork. The fabric of georgette, silk, chiffon, crepe, velvet, and organza are carefully chosen and woven with designs that are contemporary yet having traditional styles of decorating the stuff. The most famous artwork is done with studs and wire and ornaments decorated with light to heavy designs and patterns.

Though the decorative styles have a long legacy the blend of modern cuts and stitching makes them modish and liked by people all over the world.


luxury pret wear 2021 | Ready to wear 20201Classic Bridal Dresses

The most affectionate and carefully prepared dresses are the bridal dresses. In Pakistani culture, the event has a separate place in celebrating and spending with a whole heart. That is so the outfits that are prepared for the bride have extreme decorative and designs. The genre is the most amazing Dabka and zardozi work that is even done with gold wire to add exceptional details to the outfit.

The season of wedding is celebrated as the most important one where you can find countless designs and styles that speak of versatility and beauty itself.

Pakistan fashion week is the place where the niche designers of our country have shown tremendous artwork. These artists have international recognition and made them run their fashion houses across the world. Every year the audience witnesses the most comfortable yet trendiest outfit ideas that can be worn at work and at events with the surety of looking beautiful and trendy.