Pakistan Fashion Show is the Perfect Inspiration For Bridal Wear

Fashion shows are always a woman’s favourite topic. No doubt these shows bring numerous new ideas and creations for fashion followers. The new designs and runway dresses have a lot of inspirations to try and flaunt with new designs of dresses.

Pakistan fashion show does not only present outfits but also showcases accessories, footwear, and other collections for different themes. Wedding and celebrations as being the most important part of Pakistani culture always have a special place in the event.

Pakistani designers are niche in designing and crafting traditional bridal outfits with all the skills of making embroidery and special artwork diversities in Pakistan.


Though the wedding dresses in Pakistan are inspired by the Mughal era dressing style, the outfits have a lot of diversity according to the geographical and communal customs.


The styles of outfits range from royal couture, frocks, and sarees. With any of the styles, the dress is made with heavy embroidery and studded gems and beads work. Women all over Pakistan prefer to have heavily embroidered Lehenga choli or gharara with different colours and themes.

Whatever the style one chooses for the big day, the art and designs of Pakistani culture add glamour and vibrancy to the outfits.

Pakistani Dress Designers are famous for creating Perfect Bridal Dresses

There are plenty of names in the Pakistan fashion industry that create exquisite bridal dresses with all colour combinations and artwork.

Whoever the designer it is. The designs and sequences are completely outstanding and portray a unique designing sense. The themes and colour schemes are completely different yet appreciable by a massive audience all over the world.

The deep colours with studded art by HSY


The artist with the unbeatable talent of designing bridal outfits is listed as one of the best designers of Pakistan.  The theme of his outfits portrays the gem and jewel combinations with extended cuts in couture to add royalty and beauty to the dresses. He works from soft to traditional bold deep colours with dabka and studded arts all over the fabric.

His designs give an extreme luxury look to the bride with the perfect feel of appeal and beauty.


Bunto Kazmi keeps it Simple and Superb


Having a super wedding dress is every bride’s dream. Bunto Kazmi has been a veteran bridal outfit designer for years. She believes in keeping it simple and traditional. Brides in Pakistan are always in love with the colour red for the big day dress.  Bunto Kazmi presents her work with bold colours and luxury fabrics.

Her work tough being traditional inspires the new generation and she has earned huge success across Pakistan.

Long shirts and Sequenced Laces by Sania Maskatiya


Pakistani wedding outfits’ genre has a lot of diversification and variety. Sania Maskatiya designs it in a completely different way. Although the artist has the sequenced embroidery work on the fabric and seams of the outfits.

She makes long shirts with multi-layered Lehenga with frilled and embroidered base. The designs are equally appreciable and have inspired the audience for a considerable period.

The artist has not only proved originality in the styles but in blending the colours with the finest and delicate designs.


Stones and Dabka are always in for Ali Xeshan’s designs


Pakistan fashion design council has brought many new names to the fashion designing industry. Ali Xeshan is the name of new talents embarking on the grounds for the bridal dresses niche. His work with decorative stones and traditional dabka art makes a unique kind of combination that amazes everyone.

He uses deep and light colours with the combination of long Kurti and sharara. It gives the bride a very innocent and soft look. With his aspiration for bridal to look perfectly distinctive, he has always been appreciated.

Pakistani Bridal Wear collection is famous worldwide

The Pakistani bridal dresses carry inspirations from all over Pakistan and India. That is why the designs of bridal dresses are famous worldwide.

Wedding is the season of celebration every event needs extra attention and unique outfits for the bridal.

A bridal dress is incomplete without perfect footwear that matches the colour and theme of the dress. bridal footwear is also prepared with studded beads and mirrors. Hence it takes numerous essentials to complete a perfect bridal outfit.