Get gorgeous, Get Glamorous with Pakistan Fashion Week


Want to go classy and trendy? But where to look for the new arrivals and themes? Yes, it is Pakistan Fashion Week that answers all your fashion queries. It is the ideal platform for all the fashion seekers in Pakistan and around the world.

Fashion week is organized to allow the designers where they can showcase their uniquely designed dresses.
Pakistan fashion design council also holds Pakistan Fashion Week to let the new fashion talents emerge in the industry. During the decade the event has not only got fame to many designers but it has also introduced and brought forward the trendiest and studious designers to the world.

Pakistani dresses represent Different cultures and history

Pakistani clothing style is extremely divergent according to the habitats, customs, seasons, and ages. There is a lot much type of clothes and artwork that represents different communities and nations.
Some of the essences of history has also added many transformations that make Pakistani styles different from others.
The land of Pakistan is full of cultural diversity for food, livelihood, and clothing styles. But all the customs are filled with colours, different artwork styles, and a lot of charm and energy.

Pakistani Traditional Kameez shaalwar 

The dress that the Pakistani nation is proudly chosen as the national dress is the most decent for its style. Many Pakistani women around the world prefer this type due to the serenity and elegance it gets to one’s personality.
Though the combo of the shirt and the trousers has seen many transformations and the new inclusions have made it more versatile and attractive.
Now the women prefer to wear soft or designed tunics with fitted trousers or tights. The transformation has given a more modish touch to the attire.
The national dress of Pakistan is worn by men and women in all provinces of Pakistan. Every communal attire has little diversification from it. Like in Balochistan, people wear baggy shalwar with a long-sleeved shirt, turban, and scarves. While in Punjab and other provinces shalwar kameez is equally famous with little artwork and stitching versatility.

Bridal Wear

Events and celebrations in Pakistan are celebrated with a lot of attention and concerns. A Pakistani wedding is filled with a lot of zeal and fun.
Everyone wants to look the best with their dress and looks. The bride at a wedding is the centre of attention for all. That is why the dress of a bride is prepared and worked with a lot of care and creativity.
At Fashion Pakistan week, the niche designers launch their exquisite range of bridal wear with the latest ideas and crafting.
In every community of Pakistan, the bridal dress is created with the best designs and accessories.
At Pakistan Fashion Week one can easily find inspiration with traditional crafting styles.

Party Wear

Every event is celebrated mutually in our country. And the outfit is the much-concerned topic at festivals here. Pakistani designers present outstanding partywear with a traditional touch of artwork and stitching.
The designers showcase their beautifully designed outfits that suit every occasion.
Many designers have their own fashion houses where you can find the latest trendy outfits presented at Pakistan fashion Week.

Casual Wear

Pakistan fashion week is the one-stop platform for all kinds of dressing options. From bridal to casual wear the event has inspiration for everyone. The artists create a casual wear range according to the season and fabric feasibility. But the designs and work that it represents are always appreciated by the audience in Pakistan and all over the world.
The variety of work and creativity we see on the runway is completely practical to wear. Many of these inspired creations are available at the designers’ fashion houses. This has made the fashion trends reach the general public very easily.

Bottom Line

Though the Fashion industry of Pakistan is not flourished as other fashion industries in the world, the efforts of our designers and supporters are truly worth appreciating. Now and then our artists get recognition on the international stage for their extraordinary sense of creativity. The independent efforts of our talented fashion designers have completely changed the face of the fashion industry in Pakistan.