The Secret Of Successful Pakistan Fashion Week

Want to know what’s new in the fashion town of Pakistan? A show that brings several answers for every fashion follower in Pakistan. Whether you look for colours or outfits that suit the season or have to check out the designs for a wedding dress Pakistan fashion show is the place with lots of dress design inspirations and ideas.

For many years it has been making headlines on national and international platforms for its breathtaking outfits and designs. It that has bagged success for every season is progressing more and more with passion and hard work.

There is no doubt that success is due to the efforts and creativity of designers. Though the show is on very little support from the authorities it managed to mark the skies with consecutive successful series.


Pakistan fashion show is where fashion meets creations with style

Although, the theme seemed to be belonging only to the traditional theme of Pakistani dresses it is the place that carries different and multiple fashion themes. The show focuses on bridal and couture designs but you can also find trendy outfits, inspiration, fusions, and designs from cultures all over the world.

Pakistani dress designer is not only skilled in regional designs and artwork but can work for different fashion classical themes. They make formal and runway fusion and transformed dresses that can compete at many big fashion events around the world.

The show has many charms. From dresses to designers all are energetic and filled with enthusiasm. The energy and passion we witness at the show is the true soul of the event. Pakistan fashion design council has a great contribution towards the establishment of an industry that has now become the leading one among other industries in the country.


New designs new ideas for everyone


Though the theme of this event is based on the bridal collection and different formal and event dresses it shows the new blend and new creative ideas at every event. Most people across the globe seek guidance from skilled dress designers. Because of its true fashion sense and ideas for all everyone appreciates the show.

The event which started with a little support of Pakistan fashion design council has got many famous designer and celebrities names associated with it. This is the reason since its starting the show has always stolen the hearts of fashion lovers all over the world.

Most famous fashion designers of Pakistan fashion industry

Pakistani fashion designers are the complete inspiration for the upcoming designers who seek the future in fashion dress designing. Although fashion and designers both have been existing in Pakistan for a long they got recognition and support in the last decade.

The name they have earned is all by themselves. They are the true example of dedication and patience that tells what it takes to bring the whole new thing forward.

They are now the big name of the industry and run their fashion houses in one or more cities and countries.

Sana Safinaz

The name is known to almost every woman in Pakistan for the modern dress designs in the industry. She has proven her skills on the ramp with beautiful and unique ideas. Furthermore, she runs her fashion house where she launches seasonal fabric range. It includes lawn, cambric, and event dresses. The designer is equally famous at the fashion shows and also among the biggest cloth designers in the market.

Tena Durrani

She has been reshaping the concept of casual wear and formal wear for everyone. The designer has the exclusive sense of designing bridal couture as well. She is famous among all for her Mughal style dresses with exquisite artwork and designs.

Zainab Chottani

The designer had already got her name famous for casual wear and bridal wear. She is the one who has thought out of the box. She launched first ladies formal pret wear based on simple stitching style and cuts. The artist is one of the most talented designers. The designer has worked with innovation and adding a new genre to dress designs. Zainab Chottani also designs made to order bridal dresses for the different requirements of the bride.