Pakistani Fashion Show

The Incredible Pakistan Fashion Week


The definition of fashion is not new to any woman. The word itself creates a wish and longing for something new and appreciable. The fashion design council of Pakistan arranges many fashion shows to promote the culture and traditions of Pakistani customs.

The most powerful show among them is Pakistan Fashion Show. The event has associated many enormous names that have worldwide recognition and renowned for their extraordinary skills and creativity.

It is because of these artists that Pakistani culture has never been so expressive and known to the whole world. The whole new concept of designer dresses and jewelry is making new markets in the country.

Every year Pakistan fashion week brings many new concepts and arts to design dresses from casual to bridal wear. Where the event is making headlines for making transformations it is equally understood as an ambassador of our customs and culture across the world.

Pakistan Fashion Show Gives New Dimensions to Styling and Designing

Though designing and styling have been a part of our culture for hundreds of years the new era is pretty much into exploring the world’s cultures and adapting new modifications. That is so the capacity of our designers has widened and has seen new foreign horizons to collaborate and bring what has ever unimaginable?

Many reputed designers are famous across the world for designing Pakistani dresses in a completely different way.

Maheen Khan

She is one of the pioneer designers of the Pakistan fashion industry. Her work has simplicity and glamour both going hand in hand. She chooses to create outfits and gowns in the straight traditional way with a slight modish theme. The artist always has a different taste and sense of designing the most adorable outfits appreciated all over the world. She makes it successful again with the most decent color palate and glistening fabric. The designs are made with simple cuts and stitches with silk fabric. Though the style and clothing might be a commonly used combination by other designers Maheen Khan’s expertise makes them unique and completely worth appreciated.

The designer with a young heart has used draped fabric that speaks of high spirit. itself. The choice of color she makes is always wise and shows a glimpse of her experience in style.

Deepak Perwani

The true soul of Pakistan, Deepak Perwani gives an ultimate goal to the brides of Pakistan. The way this designer work for making bridal dresses, couture and sherwani, one can never find anywhere else easily. From the taste to color, from fabric to inspiration, from traditional to heritage he never falls short in any way. The skills and passion he has for designing and changing the conventions are expressive from his designed outfits.

The artist’s work is equally balanced for both men and women. The bridal wear of Deepak Perwani has bold, plush and solid color combinations with an extreme fusion of different artwork. For Deepak, it is not only about giving extraordinary cuts and stitches but a complete detail to give others a full defeat in the fashion pavilion.

Hassan Shaheryar Yasin

Another name in the multi-talented artists’ list is Hassan Shaheryar Yasin. He is a choreographer and an adept fashion designer. No doubt the way a bride values her outfit so does HSY do when creating the perfect wedding dresses. He has an enormous fashion house established in many countries.

His styles and creations truly portray the embellished and blazing colors. The dresses also have the Pakistani craft embroidery with studded beads and flourished laces. He makes couture closer to Indian wedding themes. The dark and bold colors have always played in favor of this ace designer. HSY calls it his passion and fun to do his work.  His fame and recognition have earned him appreciation on an international level and the artist still has to come up with many amazing creative ideas in every genre of fashion wears.

Bottom Line:

The expertise of our fashion designers is always worth appreciating. The efforts of our niche and talented artists have changed the face of the fashion world in Pakistan.